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DissembleVPN pode não ser uma das VPNs mais famosas, mas com 19 servidores em todo mundo, oferecendo 1 dispositivos por licença, você vai querer considerá-la. DissembleVPN está na 5.0 posição por seus preços, que começa a partir de $0.83/mês

Feb 21, 2017
Análise dos usuário da DissembleVPN
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Not working, no response from them

Dissemble.me VPN hasn't been working since the beginning of the year. None of their server locations work. I have sent numerous e-mails to them & have gotten zero responses from them. My guess is that they're going or are out of business. I love the message on their webpage: "11.01 If you still cannot access your account try your username as password or email us:support@dissemble.me. We are working around the clock, so be patient. Cheers!" That message has been up since Jan 11, 2017 & nothing has changed over a month later. Also the servers went down a couple of weeks before that message was posted on their website-so its been 2 months now that their service has been down...

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    Bad bad bad

    Most servers did not work all the time. Since january nothing works. They had a database crash and no backups ...!? I think this shows what kind of service this is. They wrote that all customers had to reregister and send a email to them. 2 Days later i could connect to the servers again ... but just for one day... Then my Account was deleted again and i got no Answer to the last 3 Emails from then.

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      Hypocrite advertiser and bad service

      I sent them a PM about 3 weeks ago about this service and never got any reply back from them: This service was too good to be true, so I scooped around the site and decided to buy 3 months to try. I bought it and and found that only the Texas and Japan servers worked for me. I looked at this thread to see any other user have the same problems or if is it just me. The closest server to me wasn't working so I wasn't using it for a while. Last week, I wanted to use it again and apparently my ID and password were incorrect based on the OpenVPN application. So I leave it there until 20 minutes ago when I tried to log in to my account on the website, my id and password were unable to log me in until I accidentally clicked register, and it brought me into it and it said my account is not premium yet. What is this? My subscription was suppose to be until march 2017. I want a refund, at least 75% of it. The service barely works and even removed my subscription from the database after about 3 weeks? If I don't get any solutions that can solve not only my, but from other user's issues and problems from you, it's deem that you're a scammer. It's so sad to see that you're a hypocrite.

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        Número de países com servidores 15
        Número de servidores 19
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        Número de dispositivos por licença 1
        Preço 5.0 / 5.0
        1 Year
        $9.00 /ano
        6 Months
        $0.83 /mês
        3 Months
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        Guy Fawkes
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        Garantia de reembolso (Dias): 15
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        Número de dispositivos por licença: 1
        Planos VPN: www.dissemble.me
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