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4.0 / 5.0
  • Recursos 4.2 / 5.0
  • Facilidade de uso 4.4 / 5.0
  • Preço 3.0 / 5.0
  • Confiabilidade e Suporte 4.4 / 5.0

IVPN pode não ser uma das VPNs mais famosas, mas com 37 servidores em todo mundo, oferecendo 5 dispositivos por licença, você vai querer considerá-la. IVPN está na 3.0 posição por seus preços, que começa a partir de $ 8.33/mês

Jan 14, 2019
Análises do usuário da IVPN
Carl Castle
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IVPN Trial is a scam

Beware of the trial period scam. Even after logging out and uninstalling the VPN client, you are unable to cancel the trial before your credit card is charged. We attempted to contact IVPN via several means, but they have failed to respond. Now we will have to dispute the charges through our credit card provider. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

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    Viktor Vecsei
    In Response to Carl Castle

    Hello Carl! I'm representing IVPN with my reply. We have tried to locate the issue you have mentioned here in any unanswered or answered tickets in our system but we could not. We respond to 99% of tickets under 8 hours and leave none unresolved. Numerous people try IVPN every day and stop during the trial without any issues - anyone can cancel via our website, email or our chat option and we make it very easy and straightforward. Based on all this we have to emphatically reject your claims of our company running a "scam" without any proofs whatsoever. Please provide more details here or through support@ivpn.net of your issue so we can assist you. Viktor Vecsei IVPN

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    IVPN - Not for me!

    Very bad experience with IVPN. Servers disconnect every 2- 3 days. The price is too high. Stay far away from IVPN. I'm not sure if you can trust them. Not many servers. In the UK they have 2 server but only gb1 is stable.

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      All Change??

      My last review under User: "Not_A_Chance" This provider has changed recently. I am now not sure if I can trust it any more after all these years. The DNS has become same as IP address because they say some people claim disconnection/stability problems. Don't like that!. New servers added around June 2018 are VERY suspicious, CZ will not connect unless PG2 is disconnected (belt+braces) then get pinged every few seconds by a Danish Edu..... then it shows location as UK (but ping suggests otherwise) DNSleaktest.com is sponsored by IVPN and is out of sync with EVERY other such site like IPleak.net, Doileak.com etc.......... Some of the other new servers have UK registered domain names - BIG SECURITY RISK. The Polish and Czech servers appear to be the same. There are other security concerns since the June 2018 update. I have always trusted them to be "The Best" - not any more!. Thinking of switching to my second choice - CyberGhost. Really hate this provider for these changes but perhaps it's an upgrade in security? Still - some servers registered in UK and "dropping my pants" to connect on some new servers is a real big NO-NO! Have IVPN "SOLD-OUT" to the big boys to get more servers?? Can someone shed any light on this??

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        Recursos Detalhes
        Número de países com servidores 13
        Número de servidores 37
        Número de endereços IP 100
        VPN registra logs? Não
        VPN inclui kill switch? Sim
        Número de dispositivos por licença 5
        Preço 3.0 / 5.0
        $ 8.33 /mês
        $ 13.33 /mês
        $ 15.00/mês
        Opinião detalhada de especialista
        Guy Fawkes
        (Especialistas anônimos de cibersegurança)

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        Garantia de reembolso (Dias): 7
        Aplicativo Móvel:
        Número de dispositivos por licença: 5
        Planos VPN: www.ivpn.net
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